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What is Scallop🦪?

Scallop is a scallop growing simulation game on Solana with a user-funded pooled treasury, developed by three young engineers who love ocean across the globe. Users can stake theirs SOL here to grow a scallop and have chance to win extra rewards. At the end of each week, one (or a few) of random winner will share out 100% of equivalence price of the tank’s SOL reward’s Scallop Coin (SCA), 93% of SOL reward will be SCA buyback, 7% will back to the tank. During the game users can win Scallop decorations by carrying out a task✨!

Rules of Scallop👩‍🏫:

Users stake SOL to the scallop tank and get a scallop to grow, as user stake more SOL the scallop will be bigger, after staking for 7 days users can have the qualifications of harvest at 20:00 of every Friday (GMT+8). After harvesting, one (or a few) of winner chosen by program randomly will get 100% of equivalence price of the pool’s SOL reward’s Scallop Coin (SCA), 7% of SOL will add to the staking pool, 93% will be SCA buyback.

During the game users can win the Scallop Decorations by carrying out a task, like stake more then 10 SOL in the scallop tank for a month or stake more than 1000 SCA on the staking pools for two weeks.

  • The more you stake, the more chance you will have of winning and the more you win.
  • There will be more partnership’s SPL token for extra reward.
  • Our program will use the funds to earn rewards from staking SOL or some trustworthy liquidity pool from another project or some great decentralized lending project.
  • If user didn’t unstake theirs SOL it can keep staking and join next week’s harvesting.
  • We use Chainlink VRF on Solana which it’s a real random function on blockchain that can help our program choose one (or a few) winner of each week.
  • Scallop will setup more & more tanks with different address limit or tokens for users!

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